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how to use the wizard

this wizard is used to calculate the energy performance and financial performance of an energy-upgraded building. In the general data section the general parameters of the project must be entered, in geometrical data section you can enter the geometric data of the building, in the thermophysical data section you can enter the building's thermophysical data, in the measures section you can choose the measures you want to redevelop the building energy, in the results section you can see the detailed results of the calculation


General data

in this section we input the general data we need to perform an energy calculation and a financial calculation of our building ...

data relating to the estimate of market values for the sale and purchase of properties (euro / sqm)

data relating to the estimate of the market values for the rental of properties (euro / sqm * month)

Geometrical data ---

geometrical data


My building currently has:

select the thermophysical data of your building

Choose the measures to renovate your house

select a strategy: