bramo - massimo monacelli engineer

design and consulting
for the development of plants and information systems
in energy, buildings and environment


competence, flexibility, innovation

Electronic Engineer, University of Bologna, 1990.
Research activity in the field of artificial vision, in particular in the sectors of the recognition of the forms and of the binocular vision.
Design and implementation of an innovative management system passive billing cycle, containing processing algorithms image and an OCR engine.
Designer and developer of new applications and customization existing applications in some large industrial companies of Emilia-Romagna (Datalogic, IMA, Technogym).
General manager, designer and project consultant in the field of plant design, analysis and energy diagnosis of buildings, domotics and in the design of IT systems to support plant design in the construction and development of applications in the environmental sector
From 2016 freelancer: plant design in construction and application development in the environmental sector, in particular in the home collection of solid urban waste.




design and consultancy on HVAC, electrical systems, energy production from renewable sources systems, home automation in the construction sector


analisys, diagnosys and energy certification of buildings

BIM Manager

management and updating of BIM system


design and implementation of IT and electronic systems for the environment (waste collection)


Plant design

design of mechanical, electrical, renewables sources production plants, building automation

calculation of building energy performance

energy diagnosys

dynamic simulation of buildings energy performance (tools: EnergyPlus, DesignBuilder, Sketchup + OpenStudio)

Information technology

desktop app design and development (programming languages: C - C++ - C#, tools: VisualStudio, database: SQlite, MySQL)

mobile app design and development (programming languages: C# - Java, tools: VisualStudio - Android Studio, database: SQlite)

web-based app design and development (programming languages: PHP - JavaScript, frameworks: Laravel- Drupal, database: MySQL)

IoT design and development (Node.js, Node-RED, LuvitRed)

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Massimo Monacelli

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licensed engineer member of Ordine degli Ingegneri
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